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    Youtube: American vloggers (američtí vlogeři)

    Hello! Ahoj! Finally, it’s time to show you which American YouTubers I watch regularly. So far, there are only 8 because I prefer British YouTubers. Sometimes I look at the others American vloggers, but I don’t watch them regularly. They have a different sense of humor and sometimes annoy me. And I just love a British accent. However, there are a few people from the USA whose videos I like and here they are. I hope you will like them too . On the article about the British vloggers I added 4 new people that I started to like. I recommend to look at them. They are great! _ Konečně je na…

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    Youtube: British vloggers (Britští video-blogeři)

    Hi! Ahoj! I never pay much attention to video bloggers. The change came when I saw Dan and Phil moderate Brit Awards 2014 online on youtube. They made an impression on me. I watched all their videoblogs in a few days. Slowly, I began to look to other bloggers who’s friends with them. Everybody are amazing and I love that, they like each others.. one big youtube family (with american and others youtubers too!). And there are my top 12 (after last edit: 16)British youtubers. _ Nikdy jsem nevěnovala video blogerům velkou pozornost. Změna nastala, když jsem viděla Dana a Phila, jak moderovali Brit Awards 2014 živě na youtube. Udělali na mě…