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    5 tipů, jak si užít uklízení

    Je pro vás uklízení noční můrou? Máte doma nekonečně mnoho věcí a nevíte kde začít? Tak přesně pro vás mám 5 tipů, jak si užít uklízení a brát ho jako odreagování. Pokud máte další tipy, tak se s nimi podělte v komentářích a pomozte nám tuto činnost trochu vylepšit.

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    What is in my bag?

    Hi! Ahoj! * Today is the St. Valentine’s Day, but this article will not be affected. If you like articles focused on this theme, read the one from the last year. According bag you know man! That’s my new saying so let’s look into my bag and so you can know me more … or else What is in my bag? Show me your bag and what you have inside. Maybe I get inspiration on what more to add to mine. Write me in the comments or tag my on your photo on Facebook or Instagram. Remember that on the blog is still ongoing competition for the book! _ Dnes je den sv.…

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    12 days of Christmas (2015)

    Welcome to the first day of the „12 days of Christmas“! Vítejte u prvního dne  „12 vánočních dnů“! * And here it is! Christmas is all around us and Christmas Eve (Day) is coming. I love Christmas and I am one of the few these days (according to people in my neighborhood). They don’t understand it at all so it’s why I have decided to do on my blog some Christmas – themed articles again this year and maybe I will success in to you, Grinches, get a little Christmas spirit. It will be 12 posts like last year (by carol „12 Days of Christmas“) and it will be for example a review on the book…

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    Valentine’s day for singles (Valentýn pro nezadané)

    Hi! Ahoj! It’s Valentine’s day on Saturday. When I was in puberty, I felt bad because I was single on this day, but later when I was in relationship on Valentine’s day, I didn‘ celebrate it anyway. In the Czech Republic is not too widespread this day, a lot of people condemns it. Rather, it’s celebrated as the „Day of Love“ on 1st of May, which is actually pretty much the same (although officially it’s Labor Day). Valentine’s Day is a little sad holiday. Do you really want to conffes your love for just one day a year? I don’t know. I have nothing against holidays such as Christmas, Easter (even though I don’t…

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    Thanksgiving (Díkuvzdání)

    Goodbye, autumn! Sbohem, podzime! Yesterday, the US held Thanksgiving Day, which symbolically ending the autumn and begins winter – especially Christmas atmosphere. Anyone who knows me a little bit knows that I’m more of the UK lover, but this time I will use this American holiday, I will not only say goodbye to the autumn and welcomed the advent, but also to realize, for what I am grateful of this year. Write me in the comments what are you grateful. Sometimes is good to extol things in your life than only still complain about it. Believe me. And here it is my „confession„. _ Včera se v USA konal Den…