Yankee candle – Autumn edition 2016



Yankee candle company announced a new autumn collection 2016 – „Harvest Time“ at the end of summer and I didn’t wait and immediately bought it. I ordered 2 waxes from the Halloween edition too but unfortunately in a month came a new edition so I still have the old labels and don’t have a new scent. Eventually, I even took my 3 favorite of autumn scents that I ordered before.

Autumn is my favorite season, but I’m looking forward to the end of November when I will buy a new Christmas collection 2016, because it looks very interesting this year.

Which scents of autumn do you like the most? Tell me in the comments.


Good night!

Yankee candle


Autumn collection 2016

Honey clementine

The first scent I’ll keep on the last days of November because it’s already indicates festive atmosphere. Its orange tint will be a great start of Christmas.

Orange peel, clementine and honey.

Rhubarb crumble

With this fragrance I was not sure until the last moment. Packing smelled very fruity and after burn start smell pungent. After a moment, when all the smells freed I felt that a rhubarb pie was really baking in the oven. Eventually I was thrilled.

Apple, rhubarb, raspberry, brown sugar and vanilla.

Autumn night

 This is a light men’s scent but lavender adds softness and freshness to it. It will be great for the November days when it’s rain outside.

Bergamot, grapefruit, pepper, lavender, maple leaf, vetiver and oak.

Ebony & oak

Delicate scent of autumn. This collection is my favorite fragrance and I want it as a perfume.

Pine, eucalyptus, ebony, lavender, oak, cedar wood and patchouli.

Yankee candle


Favourite autumn scents

Home sweet home

The name of this scents says it all. When I imagine a homely atmosphere this is it. If I had to choose just one scent it would be this.

Cinnamon, home baking and tea.

Honey glow

A nice light scent during the transition from summer to autumn. It’s brighten evenings, when it begins to get dark soon.

Honey and woody, floral, herbal and tobacco aromas.

Fireside treats

My favorite autumnal fragrance. It conceals a sweet scent with a hint of woodsmoke, which improves cold days.

Marshmallow, crystalline sugar, vanilla foam and embers.




Witches brew

I have this scent for the first time and I like the mystery and richness of it. People said that it smells like Coca-Cola and they are not far from the truth. I feel there patchouli and cedar wood too. I’m looking forward to burn it.

Candy corn

Smell of sweets and sweet popcorn. It’s already my guarantee on Halloween a couple of years, even though I only celebrate it in my room.


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