DIY ceramic pumpkin



Last week I was in the store and I saw the package with a white ceramic clay, which dries in the air and because I used to go at pottery course as a child, I bought it. At home, I thought it would be cool DIY ceramic pumpkin. On the first attempt, I think I done quite well and it was nice to liven up the evening. Definitely try it too (even something other than pumpkin) because it’s fun, quite cheap and you can make a decoration the way you like.

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Have a nice evening!

ceramic pumpkin


Prepare: Cardboard pad, ceramic clay, tempera, brushes, glass of water and jar cover.


1. 1. Make ball from the clay and soak it a bit in water to avoid breaks.


2. Use a knife and brush handles to push out the shape of a pumpkin.


3. Shape the stalk, leaf and use water to glue them on a pumpkin. Let it dry for 24 hours.


4. Then paint the pumpkin by your own imagination. I chose the classics.


5. Finally, let it dry for a few hours. It’s possible to paint a Halloween face on the pumpkin and then spray it whole with hairspray to avoid stain.


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